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Dancing Rhymes with Surfing

When you surf, you surf at a particular break:
Like Steamer Lane out at the lighthouse
Or Cowells Beach across from the wharf
When you dance, you dance at a particular club:
Like The Crow's Nest at the yacht harbor
Or the Fog Bank in nearby Capitola

When there is surf, it is called a swell
The swell could be a north swell, big and gnarly, typically in winter
Or a south swell, small and gentle, typically in summer
When you dance in a club, each has it's own ambiance, style & vib
Beachfront dive, loud & rowdy, blasting local rockers
Or nautical elegance, sweeping views, mellow blues groove

The surfers are the dancers
And the people on the beach blankets are the people at the tables in chairs

When you surf, you ride a wave
When you dance you dance to the song the band is playing
The trick surf maneuvers like a rollercoaster or a cutback
Those are the fancy moves your lady does
And that is the best part about dancing is holding your lady in your arms
There is nothing like that in surfing at all
Which makes dancing so much more fun than surfing

Now windsurfing comes close
Windsurfing you hold a wing in your arms
And you surf on two mediums at the same time
The water underneath and the invisible puffs of wind as they arrive
And the interesting part is there is really no connection between the two
The bumps on the water and the puffs of wind

But dancing is still better than windsurfing
When you windsurf you only get to hold the wing
But when you dance you get hold the whole angel

So to review
The break in surfing is the club in dancing
The swell is the band
The surfers are the dancers
The people on the beach blankets are the people at tables
The waves are the songs
The maneuvers are the fancy moves your lady does
But the best part about dancing is holding your angel in your arms

Poem: David Jeffrey, December 7, 2015
Reading: Golden Gate Smooth Dancers, November 2, 2020